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2019 Taichung Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Culture Festival

Posted Date : 2023-11-02 1611
2019 Taichung Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Culture Festival
Taichung Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Culture Festival takes place annually in celebration of Ciao Sheng Sian Shi’s birthday on May 7th in the lunar calendar. Highlighting an integration of religion, culture, industry, tourism, education and cultural creativity, the festival sets out to advocate the artisan spirit and craftsmanship of Lu Ban, enhance vocational education, facilitate economic development and preserve tradition and culture. Essentially, it is a birthday rite originated in the oldest Ciao Sheng Sian Shih temple in Taiwan which was established by early Hakka settlers. Joined by the deity from branch temples all over Taiwan as well as the one in Vietnam, the festival has now become a nation-wide celebration. It is also a spectacular cultural manifest representative of Hakka craftsmanship and Hakka industry in Dongshi, which further facilitates tourism and local Hakka cultural development.

2019 event schedule:  May 11th to June 16th
Location: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park, Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Temple


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