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The Beginning Lighting of the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in the Night Sky of Taichung

Posted Date : 2020-02-20 1398

The main exhibition area of the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival today (8th) was grandly opened at Houli Horse Park and Forest Park area. The main lantern, “Protecting the Forest-Tree of Light” was launched to brighten the night sky together with touching music. Visitors all used their cell phones to catch this amazing moment.

President Tsai Ing-wen recognized the efforts of the Taichung City Government and the central cabinet’s efforts to successfully organize this year’s lantern festival. Mayor Lu also invited everyone to Taichung to visit “the grandest, the most beautiful and the shiniest” Taiwan Lantern Festival!

President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice Minister of the Legislative Yuan, Tsai Chi-chang, Minister of Transportation and Communications, Lin Chia-Lung, Mayor of Taichung City, Lu Shiow-yen, Director General of Tourism Bureau, Chou Yung-hui tonight started the lantern lighting tonight for the Taiwan Lantern Festival. Counting down with visitors at the site, they jointly pressed down the seed of hope to begin the bright main lantern show of technology, “Protecting the Forest-Tree of Light” instantly.

In her speech, President Tsai mentioned the response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), more determination is required to organize the Festival and now the successful organization shall be well recognized. She would like to thank Mayor Lu and her cabinet’s efforts to enable close cooperation between the central and Taichung government for the best preparations of the Festival.

President Tsai said the Taiwan Lantern Festival is a brand and heritage handed down with more and more exciting contents. The whole lantern festival combines technology, innovation and aerobatic demonstration as well as features with local characteristics. This time the Taichung City Government especially invited global trainers to join Pokémon Go in Taichung for both participating in the Festival and catching regional exclusive Pokémon.

Mayor Lu said this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival is planned with the theme of “Bright Taichung, Lighting Taiwan” and the main exhibition area is at “the Mysterious Scene of Forest” in Houli Forest Park and “the Arts World” in the horse park area. Additionally, there is the side exhibition area at the Wenxin Forest Park. These exhibition areas are all shiny and beautiful.

Mayor Lu also said she would like to recognize the efforts of ministries of the central government, her city cabinet, 5,000 volunteers, city and county governments around Taiwan, domestic and international performing groups, and private organizations sponsors. The success of this Festival has been made possible because of the joint efforts and contribution from everybody.

Mayor Lu mentioned the world is now fighting against the spread of the NCP and until now, there has been no community acquired reports in Taichung City. Additionally, 95% of the exhibition areas are outdoors that promote mental and physical health. She also emphasized that the City Government has been handling the NCP with great care and does its best to conduct various preventive measures.

Minister of MOTC, Lin Chia-Lung, said this Festival combines lighting arts and technology and it helps to improve urban lighting environment and build the brand of Taiwan’s international tourism. He also would like to thank for the efforts and hard work of all staff.

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival is based on the main axis of “Dazzle Taichung” and the main exhibition area of the Festival is open between the 8th and 23rd in the Houli Forest Park and Horse Park featuring “Carnival of Animals” with the installation of 15-meter high dinosaur and “Panorama-Taichung Lighting” with 360-degree projection mapping show. The British Cirque Bijou is also invited to present the unique performance, “Taiwan’s first” and “the world’s only” outdoor spectacle show. The side exhibition area has been open since December 23rd last year and will welcome visitors until February 23rd.


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