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Here Comes the Goddess Mazu!

Posted Date : 2016-03-08 1872
Here Comes the Goddess Mazu!
Activity Time
Shun Road 158, Dajia Dist., 臺中市 Taiwán, R.O.C
Mad for Mazu in the third month of the lunar calendar! The 2016 Taichung Mazu International Festival, organized by Taichung City Government, will be held on an even larger scale: 45 well-known Taiwanese performing teams and local groups from Taichung will be invited to give performances at 12 Mazu temples with more than one hundred years of history in Taichung. Differing from previous music and dance shows, this year's temple performances will focus on traditional opera and the presentations of performing arts and cultural creativity. One Hundred Years’ Beauty of Temples, another series of activities in the Festival, has just begun on Feb. 12 and will last until May 28, 2016. In the hope that more people can feel the charm of Taichung folk culture, 12 performance sessions in total will be held for participants to experience the worship and culture of Mazu and to enjoy amazing arts. Moreover, to celebrate the Year of the Golden Monkey, 200 limited-edition "Mazu Gold-foiled Bookmarks" will be distributed on a first-come basis 30 minutes prior to each performance. Welcome to join this wonderful event!

12 Mazu temples participating in the Festival include Xinshe Jiuzhuang Mazu Temple, Dajia Jenn Lann Temple, Nantun Wanhe Temple, Dazhuang Haotien Temple, Taichung Lecheng Temple, Wuqi Chaoyuan Temple, Taichung Wanchun Temple, Fengyuan Ciji Temple, Shekou Wanxing Temple, Dali Fuxing Temple, Beitun Nanxing Temple and Dadu Wanxing Temple.
Here Comes the Goddess Mazu!



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