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2021 The Seven Heroes of Guguan Hiking Event – A trip to the forest in Taichung

Posted Date : 2021-05-25 1954
Activity Time
Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
Friendly reminder: Please ensure your safety on the hiking trail before you start collecting stamps on your mobile device. If you can’t find The Seven Heroes of Guguan section in the Fun in Taichung app, please update the app. 
Download the Fun in Taichung app and go to the GPS missions (Baxian Mountain, Malun Mountain, Wuwowei Mountain, Bojinjia Mountain, Dongmao Mountain, Baimao Mountain, and Tangmadan Mountain) under the Seven Heroes of Guguan section. Enable GPS location service at the trig point of each mountain to get a virtual medal for completing the hike. Hikers who have obtained all seven medals of completion can apply for a limited achievement certificate and a souvenir (Issuance scheduled to start on November 30, 2021).
Bonus: Hikers who have finished watching 11 hike safety videos in addition to obtaining all of the Seven Heroes of Guguan completion certificates will get a bonus gift and exclusive discount. 
Redeem the limited-number bonus gift and exclusive discount from 2021/6/1 to 2021/11/10 at PolarStar stores. 
*Children or elders who don’t have mobile devices or use a device that does not support the Fun in Taichung app can participate in the hiking event using a physical log to record completion certificates. Download the log here.


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