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2022 Taichung Jazz Festival

Posted Date : 2022-09-05 1064
2022 Taichung Jazz Festival
Activity Time
Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
2022 Taichung Jazz Festival
  • Activity Time:2022/10/15-2022/10/23
  • Location:Taichung Civic Square(Intersection of Gongyi Road and Zhongxing Street.)

This year, Taichung Jazz Festival enters its 18th anniversary. Themed on “Jazz Unlimited”, the Festival has invited 20 jazz bands from 7 countries to bring audience an international banquet of music at Taichung Civic Square.

For four consecutive weekends of this October, global and local jazz musicians are invited to show off their talents in Taichung! With a newly arranged and designed program, the Festival will gather various music groups to give the audience a banquet of music with a new-fashioned presentation.

Continuing the model of promoting local industry last year, the Festival has intensified the cooperation between cooperative stores and bands. Apart from providing high-quality bands with a performance stage, the Festival also adopted various innovative marketing ideas to show people coming from different places the charm of Taichung’s culture and to fall in love with Taichung.

Due to the central government’s epidemic prevention plan, all audience must wear a
mask during the performance; and eating and drinking are strictly prohibited.

2022 Taichung Jazz Festival


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