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2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival

Posted Date : 2019-10-07 14.8k
Activity Time
寺山路41號, Houli Dist., 臺中市 Taiwán, R.O.C

Date: Saturday, December 21st to Sunday, February 23rd.
Main exhibition:Houli Forest Expo Site and Houli Horse Ranch (2/8-2/23)
Secondary exhibition: Wen-Hsin Forest Park (12/21 – 2/23)
Pioneering field thematic curating to integrate traditional lantern craft art with modern art vocabulary
For a glamourous lantern festival and a novel landmark.

The “2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung” has earned the fame of the “Disneyland without the roller coaster” from the foreign media. Five years later, the same event will be launched in Taichung. Over the past five years, Taichung has organized a range of big international events, and the Taiwan Festival has also been held in different Taiwan counties and cities. Taiwan Lantern Festival has a history of 30 years. There are also events worldwide emphasizing lights and shadows, such as the Fête des lumières (Festival of Lights) of Lyon, France; the Zigong Lantern Festival (aka Dinosaur Lantern Festival) of Sichuan, China; and the Seoul Lantern Festival held nearby the Cheonggyecheon Stream of Seoul, South Korea. Through demonstrating the lantern craft art, Taiwan Lantern Festival enables citizens to gather together at the beginning of the year to experience the atmosphere of the folk Lantern Festival. As technology advances, various media have been largely used in lantern festivals. Adhering to the value of traditional culture and demonstrating technology innovation are the concepts that the “Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020 Taichung” wishes to communicate to people at home and abroad.
Field thematic curating is pioneered at the “Taiwan Lantern Festival 2015 Taichung”. Three themes will be planned based on field characteristics and the urban character. The main site located at the Forest Park Area is called “Fantastical Forest of Lanterns”. It begins with Lishan Dadi (Houli) advocating the co-existence of communities and nature where sustainable ecology and art and aesthetics planning are fused with the theme lantern area to symbolize ethnic diversity and religion fusion. The Horse Ranch called “Art Wonderland” featuring “folklore culturalization and tradition internationalization” is a place where traditional lanterns are combined with mechanical movements to create lantern classics with technology and multimedia. The secondary site called “Kids’ Paradise” is located at the Wenxin Forest Park. It is planned for family tour and having fun with kids. Various theme lantern areas and performances are planned to turn the city center into a kid’s forest paradise. Lanterns at the secondary lantern area will be lighted on at the end of this December to celebrate also Xmas and Spring Festival for more kid’s fun to influence entire Taichung.
The main lantern area at the Houli Forest Park and Horse Ranch occupying an area of 35 hectares will be opened for 16 days during 8-23 February 2020. The secondary lantern area at the Wenxin Forest Park occupying an area of 8.8 hectares will be opened for 65 days during 21 December 2019 to 23 February 2020.
Winning numerous international awards, such as the ICF Smart City and IFEA World Festival & Event City Award, Taichung City in glamour is attracting global attention. Titled “The Dazzling City”, the “2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung” will be planned upon this glory to mark out the festivity of Lantern Festival and demonstrate traditional lantern craft art with modern communication vocabulary to demonstrate to the world Taichung’s perfection and maturity in all aspects and cultural innovation.


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