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2016 Taichung Mazu International Festival

Posted Date : 2016-03-08 2237
2016 Taichung Mazu International Festival
Activity Time
Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

Before this year's Ceremony of Lifting the Sedan Chair, two performances will be given at the intersection of Jianggong Rd. and Yude Rd., Dajia Dist., Taichung City: the first by Ming-Ju Taiwanese Opera Troupe on Wed., April 6 at 7 PM and the second by Hsin Yi Fang Taiwanese Opera Company on Thu., April 7 at 7 PM. Prior to Dajia Mazu pilgrimage, Taichung City Government wants to invite all visitors from far and near not only to worship Mazu at Jenn Lann Temple but also to see outstanding Taiwanese opera performances from 7 to 9 PM!

Mazu's sedan chair will be lifted up to set off on Fri., April 8, at 11 PM but reviewing stand activities will start from 6 PM at the intersection of Jhongshan Rd. and Jingguo Rd., Dajia Dist. In the activities, traditional rites about the Mazu pilgrimage will be introduced in detail and numerous artistic groups and parades will give amazing performances at the reviewing stand to welcome the arrival of Mazu. The big screen simultaneously shows a live broadcast of the Ceremony of Lifting the Sedan Chair in front of Jenn Lann Temple. Reviewing stand activities will last from 6 PM of April 8 to 1 AM of April 9 and local performance groups will take turns performing , guaranteeing  all participants an impressive and unforgettable night!



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