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2022 Taichung Bicycle Carnival

Posted Date : 2022-04-20 349
2022 Taichung Bicycle Carnival
Activity Time

Themed on "Let's All Ride!" (with the homonym of "That’s all right!" ), 2022 Taichung Bicycle Carnival calls on everyone to do exercises outdoor and ride a bicycle in Taichung!

►This year, 2022 Taichung Bicycle Carnival has specially planned six cycling routes for treasure hunting and organized a cycling activity, stage performance, lottery, cycling industry market and "Puncar Light Meal Zone". Let's come to Taichung to ride a bicycle, enjoy the delicacy, get free gifts and have great fun!

►The cycling route starts from Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park and ends at Houli Mamaland. Everyone is invited to the cycling activity to enjoy the beautiful and characteristic Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way and Hou-Feng bike path. A number of excellent stage performances and programs - that will be hard for both adults and children to move eyes away - will also be held at this event!

►Players from the cycling and relevant sports industry are also invited to display their products at the cycling industry market to demonstrate the powerful strength of Taichung's cycling industry. Moreover, a lottery with a total prize value of more than NT$100,000 will also take place on the event day. All of you are welcome to join 2022 Taichung Bicycle Carniva in Taichung with your friends or family. Perhaps you will become the next winner!


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