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Dakeng Trail No.5 & No.5-1

Posted Date : 2024-03-15 7347


Trail No.5 goes along the ridges of Erke and Touke Mountain from the south to the north line between 595 m and 859 m above sea level linking with Trail No.1 to 4. There are many overlooking spots with great view and pavilions where visitors can take a rest along the way. Visitors can overlook the prosperous downtown area of Taichung that is facing the Dadu Mountain in a distance. It can often be seen that people carry tea set and enjoy tea and chat with friends while being surrounded by endless sea of clouds. What is more relaxing than this?

It (Trail No.5-1) 's the branch of Trail No.5 that starts from Xietou Lane and ends at Hesong Pavilion on Trail No.5. Along the walkway, you will pass Chengzhong Pavilion on Erke Mountain and 90th Anniversary of Taichung City monument. This trail is the best place for studying the introduction of ecology. There are a lot of trailside plant signs for people to know nature better. It's suitable for family outings.

Dakeng Trail No.5 & No.5-1
  • Distance: Trail No.5 is about 1.4 km long while No.5-1 is about 1.6 km. Due to its altitude, it's suitable for energetic people or those who enjoy scaling the heights.
  • Entrance: Visitors can walk along Zhongxingling toward Xiezhong Street (Mushroom Street) and go straight about 1.5 km. After reaching Xiezhong Street No.257-1 and turning right at Xietou Lane by following the sign, you will get to the entrance.
  • Features: Along Trail No.5, which connects the endpoints of Trail No.1 to 4, there are various beautiful overlooking spots with great view, including Hesong Pavilion, Gaofong Pavilion and Touke Peak. You can overlook Taichung city or the Dadu mountain terrace in good weather.


Dakeng Trail No.5, Beitun Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
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