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Dakeng Trail No.10

Posted Date : 2024-02-07 3669


Trail No.10 is connected to Trail No.9 as a mountaineering ring road network so as to let visitors experience the fun of climbing in different scenes along the way. The intersection at the end of Trail No.9 and No.10, a fork in the road leads to Guanyin Pavilion; it connects to Trail No.6 as a One-Day hiking trail network.

Dakeng Trail No.10
  • Distance: About 1.2 km. It's good for field trip and family outings.
  • Entrance: Through passing by Jingbuku Parking lot and walking along Jingbu Road then crossing 99 bridge, you will reach the entrance.
  • Features: This trail is divided into 5 parts: Bamboo Forest Walkway, Acacia Wood Walkway, Paper Flower (Bougainvillea) Section, Alocasia odora (Giant Taro) Ecological Section and Qiaobi Xiongfeng. It's rich in natural resources, and visitors can be educated by the interpretive signs along the trail. There are ties ballast path, natural soil trail, wooden stairways, and some pavilions and observatories for visitors to get rest.


Ln. 383, Sec. 1, Dongshan Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website
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