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2018 Xinshe Sea of Flowers - Have a blast via the 3rd Taiwan Provincial Road

Posted Date : 2018-11-27 2138
2018 Xinshe Sea of Flowers- Have a blast via the 3rd Taiwan Provincial Road
The highly anticipated annual event of Xinshe Sea of Flowers boasts a spectacular mountain view and the massive sea of flowers. In addition to the profusion of flowers, the event this year also encompasses landscape gardens including the Edible Landscape Area, Kaoliang(sorghum) Crop Area, Hakka Culture Area, Paphiopedilum Theme Pavilion, and Kinmen County Agricultural Products Area. The unique characteristics of Taichung the mountain city is also promoted under several themes like the diverse mountain town culture, agricultural product marketing, leisure agriculture tourism, etc. Xinshe Sea of Flowers  welcome visitors to explore Taichung on a wonderful journey that features the mutual advancement of agriculture and ecology.
Official website:
Date: Saturday, December 1st to Sunday, December 16th, 2018
Location: #2 Farm, Seed Improvement and Propagation Station of Council of Agriculture


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