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2019 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival

Posted Date : 2019-01-28 2709
2019 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival
2019 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival will take place from February 16th to 24th. The main lantern this year, the year of the pig, is a flying pig that symbolizes prosperity and well-being of Taichung. The pig flies up with a pair of wings and a cloak, echoing the sentiment of Taichung citizens wishing for a clear blue sky. Meanwhile, the soaring pig is also a symbol of Taichung’s motivation and fearlessness reaching out to the global community and pursuing economic growth.

Installed on a rotatable base, the main lantern greets and impresses visitors in all directions. The main lantern show features laser special effects and a theme song, engaging visitors in a marvelous visual and audio experience. We sincerely welcome all visitors to join the jovial celebration of the Lantern Festival.

Location: Wen Xin Forest Park
Time: Saturday, February 16th 2019 – Sunday, February 24th 2019


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