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Service Hours of Route 309 Bus will be Extended Starting from August 17

Posted Date : 2019-08-23 2554

Gaomei Wetland has become one of the most popular destinations in Taichung. Currently, the last route 309 bus departing from Wuqi Fishing Harbor, passing through Gaomei Wetland to reach downtown Taichung leaves at 19:10. According to the Transportation Bureau, in order to cater to the transport needs of the public, the last route 309 bus will now depart at 19:30 effective from August 17. All tourists are welcome to take advantage of this service.

According to Transportation Bureau Director General Chao-fu Yeh, Gaomei Wetland is an extremely popular destination in Taichung, but previously only route 111, 178 and 179 bus stops at Gaomei Wetland. In an effort to resolve the transport-related problem, 3 additional bus route has been added, including route 309 (Taichung Station – Gaomei Wetland), route 655 (THSR Taichung Station – Gaomei Wetland), and route 688 (Qingshui Train Station – Gaomei Wetland). From now on, visitors can reach Gaomei Wetland quickly by taking the intercity bus, Taiwan Railways, and THSR to downtown Taichung before transferring to a city bus.


Director Yeh pointed out that the bureau has requested the bus service provider to compensate for the difference in sunset time between winter and summer by extending the last route 309 bus departing from Wuqi Fishing Harbor in summer to 19:10. The bus passes through Gaomei Wetland at roughly 19:16, but there are still citizens complaining that they cannot catch the last route 309 bus in time back to downtown Taichung after admiring the sunset at Gaomei Wetland.


In providing the public with sufficient time to walk to the bus station and catch a bus after admiring the breathtaking sunset over Gaomei Wetland, the Transportation Bureau has once again coordinated with the operator of route 309 bus to extend the service hours of the bus. As of August 17, the last route 309 bus will depart from Wuqi Fishing Harbor at 19:30 and pass through Gaomei Wetland at 19:36, passengers needing the service should pay attention to the bus schedule.


Transportation Bureau elaborated that traffic control has been enforced at Gaomei Wetland since July 13, and vehicles are prohibited from entering Meiti Street between 14:00 and 20:00 during the holidays; cars can be parked in first and second parking lot, while free shuttle bus service is available between the parking lots and Gaomei Wetland boardwalk at 5 to 10-minute intervals for the public’s convenience.


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