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2019 Taichung Jazz Festival

Posted Date : 2019-10-07 1670

Jazz is life , Life is Jazz
Play Jazz New Generation , Showing new energy

"No limitations & Unable to frame" make everyone enchanted, is the characteristic of jazz. At the Taichung Jazz Festival, you can see the top musicians from all over the world. Enjoy improvisation and play music together, bringing out the jazz's relaxed, free and sensual, unique charm. The Taichung Jazz Festival, which entered its 17th year this year, will feature "Jazz You Up" as the theme of life.

The 2019 Taichung Jazz Festival will continue the commitments of previous years, bringing high-quality performances. Gathering new jazz forces and world's top jazz players to communicate.


10-day musical feast that will fill life with jazz energy!
5 venues, rendering the jazz atmosphere through Taichung!
53 performances, sparking the sound of music, awakening the hot jazz soul!

This October, let us meet in Taichung, open our hearts, immerse ourselves in the wonderful space of music, let the body dance freely with Jazz.

This year, the Taichung Jazz Festival has created special floral stages to coordinate with the 2019 Taichung World Flora Exposition. The Main Stage is set in the Civic Square and extends to the J-Stage in the middle of the Calligraphy Greenway. With two varied stages, the event is able to create two music live shows with different atmospheres, bringing more choices to the audience. This time, the activity areas of Food Stand Zone and I-Mart Zone are separated to provide a smoother moving line. The I-Mart Zone will be around the Civic Square, selling all kinds of innovative design goods; and the Food Stand Zone will be around the Calligraphy Greenway, offering delicious food to the participants. Also, a special Busker Zone for street entertainers is set in the Civic Square near Gongyi Road. Every day, there will be groups of street entertainers performing here, contributing to a more colorful, lively and diverse jazz atmosphere.

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