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2023 World Bicycle Day – Taichung Bicycle Carnival

Posted Date : 2023-05-18 1227
2023 World Bicycle Day – Taichung Bicycle Carnival
The 2023 World Bicycle Day at Taichung

1. Event Date:2023/6/3  09:00~15:00

2. Houfeng Bikeway – The Mass Cycling Event
  • Route:Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park → Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way → Hou-Fong bike path → Dajia River Steel Bridge → Tunnel No. 9 → Houli Horse Ranch (14.8KM) 
  • Registration link

3. Blossom Pavilion of Houli Mamaland – Activities at finish line

  • There will be free stage performances, including presentations presented by the bands, wind orchestras, children’s theaters, as well as magic and balloon shows, and dances by local schools.
  • Marketplace and challenge activities:This even is organized with two marketplaces, including the cycling industry marketplace and the food marketplace. The cycling industry marketplace provides visitors with stories about the industry, exhibitions of bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle measurements, and opportunities to experience different bicycles. Visitors can obtain a point collection card from the service desk before visiting bicycle-related booths or participating in related activities. After collecting 5 stamps (with 4 stamps provided by four different types of booths), visitors will have completed the challenge activity.
  • Children push bike:This event is organized with six sessions of "Pushbike Experience and Road Safety Teaching” and “Pushbike Obstacle Course Experience". Each session is limited to 25 participants, allowing children to experience riding a bicycle and obstacle course while learning about road safety.

2023 One-Three-Five activity

1. Event Date:2023/5/10~2023/6/30 (or until all gifts have been exchanged)

2. About this event:This One-Three-Five activity has integrated popular bikeways themed on "mountains, coast, urban and metropolitan" and surrounding stores to present “5” cycling routes, each (“1”) with “3” partner stores. The five cycling routes are "Gaomei Wetland IG Tour", "Old-Town Cultural Heritage tour", "Strolling in the Green Corridor of Old Mountain Line", "Reminiscence of Old Town" and "Taichung Industry Story Hall Themes". By completing designated missions while cycling on these routes, participants can obtain a special gift with limited availability at designated stores along the routes. This year, the organizer has invited local industries such as old sun-moon cake vendors, trendy coffee shops, and tourism factories to participate and offer limited gifts. All citizens are welcome to come to Taichung and enjoy the fun of cycling.

3. Activity hotline:
For more information about the “Children Push Bike” and “2023 One-Two-Tree” activities, please contact 04-22260272. (Service hours: Mondays to Fridays)
For more information about “The Mass Cycling Event”, please contact the organizer by



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