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Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike Route 01 A Trip to Visit the Matchmaker

Posted Date : 2023-07-25 3184
Target audience: The public
Ideal trip duration: 1-day tour
Recommended season: All year round
Mode of transport: Bike, bus
Type of tour: ibike tour, food tour

Love has always been one of the topics that affect many people over time. Some people choose to improve themselves, some choose to wait and some choose to seek a blessing from the god. When talking about Chinese cupid, the top choice for many people is Hanxi Mazu temple (Lecheng Temple). Today, let’s experience a journey of love. Perhaps you will meet The One on some street in Taichung.
Taichung railway station (Take route #75 and get off at the intersection of Jiancheng Rd. and Leye Rd.) → Lecheng Temple (Take route #18 and get off at Juguang Community) →Taichung Confucius Temple → (take the iBIKE to ) Yizhong Street → (Take route #81 at Taichung Municipal Taichung First Senior High School and get off at Calligraphy Greenway (Taichung Civic Square) Caowu Square (Walk to)→Taichung Civic Square & Park Lane by CMP (take the iBIKE to) →National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Lecheng Temple
Lecheng Temple is located in North District of Taichung City. The main deity it enshrines is Mazu, and the Temple is hence also known as “Hanzi Mazu Temple”. Due to its long history, which dates back to 1753, it is also a cultural heritage of Taichung, and designated as a third- grade historic monument.  During the 921 Earthquake, the Temple’s stone pillars shifted and part of the roof fell. With government subsidies, restoration was completed in 2003, and a 40 meter tall memorial archway was erected.  The Temple’s God of Love is known for answering prayers, so it has attracted many worshippers in recent years.  One of the highlights of Lecheng Temple is the many delicacies along the streets by the Temple, which include meatballs, rice cake, diaphragm soup, etc.
photostudio_1571143415401photostudio_1571143328400Address: No. 48, Hanxi St., East Dist.,

Taichung City Taichung Confucius Temple
Taichung Confucius Temple is situated in the North District of Taichung City, neighboring the Martyrs' Shrine and open to the public for free during normal days. Every year, on Teachers’ Day, which falls on September 28th, the Temple holds Confucius' Birthday Ceremony, and before the examination periods, it organizes blessing activities for examinees, students and parents, to wish them all success in the examinations.  Various cultural activities such as photography and sketching activities organized by civil societies also help promote culture and social education.
photostudio_1571144735207Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike  Route 01Address: No. 30, Sec. 2, Shuangshi Rd., North Dist., Taichung City

Taichung Yizhong Street
Not far from Confucius Temple is “Municipal Taichung First Senior High School”, the first choice for Taichung’s high school boys. A wide variety of food can also be found along Yizhong Street. A brand new building, I-plaza, was opened here in 2017, making the place even more vibrant. If you’ve not been here for a long time, you’re sure to be amazed by the shopping district’s huge changes in the past few years.  Yizhong Street is a bustling area from day to night, satisfying your craving for breakfast, night snacks, and beverages.
photostudio_1571144975998Address: Yizhong St., North Dist., Taichung City

Calligraphy Greenway
After a sumptuous meal, take a stroll at Calligraphy Greenway, an urban space which spans from the National Museum of Natural Science in the north, to the Art Museum Parkway in the south. You can also enjoy the National Museum of Natural Science activities, Civic Square and Park Lane by CMP along the way.  Besides the activities organized by Calligraphy Greenway from time to time, you can also see the public enjoying the outdoors with their pets. Do make a trip to this piece of greenery for a different city vibe.
image1637084742746758829image4637084742750040346Address: Xiangshang N. Rd., West Dist., Taichung City

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Calligraphy Greenway leads you to Taiwan’s first national art museum.  The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has exhibition halls of various sizes, featuring different exhibitions from time to time.  Besides exhibitions, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts also has recreational areas such as a children’s play area, storytelling area, outdoor space, etc., making the building more open and closer to the public.  Perhaps while enjoying the art, we may even gain a different perspective on love.
photostudio_1571144322207photostudio_1571144379435Address: No. 2, Sec. 1, Wuquan W. Rd., West Dist., Taichung City



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