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The Best Cycling Trip for Backpackers

Posted Date : 2023-11-02 1623
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Among various bikeways in Taichung, the top three most widely favored bikeways are Hou-Fong bike path, Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way and Tanya Shen Green Bikeway. These three bikeways are easily accessible by bus, and there are a number of stores in the area offering bike rental services. The bikeways are especially a friendly outing location for backpackers who travel independently. Let’s embark on a spontaneous cycling trip right now!

Hou-Fong bike path
The Bikeway Featuring Nostalgic Rails

Starting point of Hou-Fong bike path→ Hualiang Steel Bridge →  Tunnel No.9→ Houli Horse Ranch

The 4.5 km bikeway was originally a mountain line railroad. The highlight of the bikeway is Tunnel No.9 which is 1.2 km long and of 100 years of history. It is the longest tunnel in the railway system in Taiwan. Hou-Fong bike path ends at Houli Horse Ranch where visitors can engage in fun leisure activities like horse-riding and horse-drawn carriage rides. (Houli Horse Ranch is currently closed due to constructions for the Flora Expo.)

Another renowned place to visit in the area is Carpenter Woodcraft Studio. You can sign up for a DIY woodcraft workshop and create an exclusive woodcraft with your own hands.

Hou-Fong bike path
Round trip cycling time: 1 to 2 hours
NO.9 tunnel:SummerAM06:00~PM19:00;Winter AM06:00~PM18:00
Bike Rental Service Providers in the Area
Song Meng Bike Rental — Fengyuan Store, Huoli Bike Rental, Xiaomage Bike Rental (near Houli Horse Ranch)

Carpenter Woodcraft Studio
Open time:Monday to Sunday 09:00-17:00
Visiting information: Free admission. For DIY workshop schedules, please go to official website.
Address:No.4-12, Jiuzun Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City

Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way
The Extremely Famed Bikeway

Starting point of Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way → Water Park → Shigang Dam → Lingdan (Zero Egg) Platform → Lovers’ Wooden Bridge → Dongfeng Iron Bridge → Dongshi Hakka Culture Park

Total length of Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way is 12.4 km. It is connected to Hou-Fong bike path. There are a number of rest stops and stalls along the way where cyclists can rest and fill up water supply timely. Shigang Dam and Lingdan (Zero Egg) Platform are also renowned attractions along the way. Sceneries change from lavishly shaded green tunnels to fruit gardens, offering cyclists picturesque views of the countryside. There is a small zoo near Lovers’ Wooden Bridge where visitors can feed rabbits or ride a horse. Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way comprises several uphill sections. If you’re not so sure about taking on cycling challenges, you can choose to rent a multi-speed bike or electric bike.

Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way
Round trip cycling time: 2 to 3 hours
Bike Rental Service Providers in the Area
Song Meng Bike Rental — Fengyuan Store, Huoli Bike Rental, Lavender Bike Rental Store

Miao Dong Night Market
Deliciousness of Over 30 Years of History

Miao Dong Night Market is only 10 to 15 minutes away by walk from Fengyuan Train Station. There are many prestigious local restaurants and food stalls serving mouthwatering delicacies like Qingshui noodles with crispy pork ribs, Jinshu Pineapple Ice, Zhengzhao oyster omelet, Yikoumen pyramid shaped meatballs, fried water caltrop, rice dumpling, etc. These local dishes feature not only great tastes but also reasonable price and fulfilling portion.

There is a hundred-year-old pastry shop near Miao Dong Night Market that offers delicious traditional Taiwanese pastries including mooncakes, traditional egg rolls and savory cakes containing bamboo shoot, dried shrimp and shallot.

Tanya Shen Green Bikeway
S-Shaped Bikeway Featuring Countryside Beauty

Starting point of Tanya Shen Green Bikeway Visitor Center → Succulent Garden → Shengang Cherry Blossom Rest Stop →Tank Park

The 14 km bikeway goes through Tanzi, Shengang and Daya District. A section of the bikeway features S-shaped bends and a slightly wavy road. Many visitors stop to take photos of the interesting landscape. Sceneries along the bikeway change in seasons. In spring, the bikeway is colored with light yellow, white and pink flowers of golden trumpet trees, Tashiro Indian Hawthorn, Mountain Ebony and cherry blossoms. In summer, golden rain trees showered the bikeway with strings of golden petals.

A succulent garden under the pink iron bridge on Chongde Road features cute succulent plants and large crassulaceae succulents. It is a gardening shop  highly recommended to succulent lovers.

Tanya Shen Green Bikeway
Round trip cycling time: 3 to 4 hours
Open time:05:00-22:00;Street lights are off after 10 pm.
Bike Rental Service Providers in the Area
Several bike rental stores at the starting point of Tanya Shen Green Bikeway include iBike Taichung Export Processing Zone Station, Xiao Yiao Bike Rental (Under the elevated bikeway on Chongde Road)
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