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Wuling National Forest Recreation Area

Posted Date : 2023-09-26 4858


Wuling National Forest Recreation Area encompasses Heping District of Taichung City and Datong Township of Yilan County. The area has an abundance of old-growth forests including fir forest and Taiwan Hamlock forest. Visitors can follow the hiking routes to appreciate the white forest, cliff, ice cirque and other magnificent natural wonders.
The change of seasons bring different views to Wuling. In spring, cherry blossoms come into full bloom. In summer, the roaring waterfall simply cools down the torching heat. In autumn, the entire mountain turns red with maple leaves. In winter, the mountain gets snow-capped, presenting a white canvas.
Visitors to Wuling National Forest Recreation Area not only get to hike and enjoy the seasonal sceneries, they might also spot traces of Formosan black bears, Formosan Yuhinas and many wild animals. If you look through a telescope from Wuling Suspension Bridge, you might even see Formosan landlocked salmons, Taiwan's national treasure in Qijiawan creek.


No.3, Wuling Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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