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Posted Date : 2021-12-16 3407


People in Fengyuan are proud of Gonglaoping, which has a vast view of landscape. “Gonglaoping Sightseeing Platform” is also a great dating place for lovers to climb high and enjoy the view. The landscape restaurants and café shops built against the mountain are good places to appreciate wonderful night views of Taichung City.
The plank road of 75m in length is built with wooden materials. It starts from Chiu Feng-Chia Memorial Park along the road and connects the two sightseeing platforms in Gonglaoping, Fengyuan, and then links with the starting point of Fengyuan Gonglaoping Hiking Trail in the end.
Gonglaoping with an altitude less than 500 meters is said to be reclaimed by a wise man called Hsu Gong-Lao together with the local people he led.
Climb to the top by the early evening, and you can see the blue sky turning into fish-belly white gradually. The sunset creates the color gradient of orange, yellow, and green in the sky before turning into dark blue in the end. All the lights in the city are lit up one after another at the night sky.


Shuiyuan Road, Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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