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2018 Taichung Dongshi Xin Ding Ban Festival

Posted Date : 2019-01-16 2262
2018 Taichung Dongshi Xin Ding Ban Festival
An opening ceremony of the 2018 Taichung Dongshi Xin Ding Ban Festival will take place on March 2 nd .

Xin Ding Ban Festival is a traditional folklore activity passed down for a century in Dongshi Hakka Village. The practice dates back to early times when Taiwan used to be a labor-intensive agrarian society. During the time, families would normally hope to give birth to more children as more offspring symbolizes better blessing. People would offer Hakka rice cakes as a tribute to gods, and vow to offer more appreciative rice cakes in return if more offspring were granted. The ritual was believed to be efficacious. Later on, the appreciative rice cakes dedicated to gods became known as “Xin Din Ban” after the pronunciation of new borns in Mandarin.

The opening ceremony on March 2 nd will entertain important guests to unveil gigantic Hakka rice cakes that weigh 72 kilograms. A rice-cake- cutting ceremony will be held afterwards, and balloons in the shape of Xin Din Ban will behanded out to participants to the event, marking the start of the 2018 Taichung Dongshi Xin Din Ban Festival.

The practice of giving out large-sized Xin Din Ban is to share the happiness of welcoming new borns to the family. It is also symbolic of gratefulness and prosperity in the year to come. Meanwhile, Dongshi Xin Din Ban streetscape art installation is exhibited from February 12 th to March 4 th at the plaza of Hakka Cultural Park. In addition to showcasing a unique collaboration of local landscape and culture, the exhibition also features festive red lanterns that echo the spirit of Xin Din Ban Festival.


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