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2018 Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival

Posted Date : 2018-05-24 3592
2018 Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival
Daan District in Taichung City was named after Daan Harbor, an important landing in midwestern Taiwan. Daan Beach is an 18-hectare soft sand beach that stretches hundreds of meters and boasts diversely beautiful sceneries.
2018 Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival features a number of sand sculptures on Daan Beach that promotes the upcoming 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition. The exquisite large scaled sand sculptures this year are made using a collective-based co-construction technique, elaborately portraying the Leopard Cat Family, mascots of the floral expo, as well as the themes of the expo, Green, Nature and People (GNP). Through the works of talented sculpturers, the sand sculptures are successfully infused with an educational purpose that stresses the importance of environmental conservation and coexistence with nature.
Marking the summer highlight of the picturesque coastal Taichung, the festival this year encompasses not only the sand sculpture exhibition, but also sand sculpture DIY for families and a music contest. Daan beach is definitely a top summer getaway for citizens and visitors in Central Taiwan!
Date: June 2nd ~ June 18th
Location: Daan Beach 


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