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2018 0K Taiwan Taichung Cycling Festival

Posted Date : 2018-08-27 1915
2018 0K Taiwan  Taichung Cycling Festival
Taiwan is considered crucial to the global bicycle market, and Taichung is home to Taiwan’s prosperous bicycle industry and picturesque bikeways. 2018 OK Taiwan Taichung Cycling Festival is based in Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway and Houfeng Bikeway. The festival genuinely invites domestic and international visitors alike to embark on a low carbon cycling adventure in Taichung.
The festival kicks off with the “Flower Young Kids Bicycle Day” scheduled on September 29th at Iron Hill Cycling Sport Village. Visitors can experience a thrill of excitement racing on professional tracks by signing up for a variety of family-friendly competitions including kids push bike racing, and dirt bike racing for kids and for adults respectively.
“Bike Industry Festival” takes place on September 30th at Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park. Highlighting the leisure of cycling, the festival this year appeals to both passionate cyclists and general riders to enjoy a pleasant cycling journey along Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway and Houfeng Bikeway, which are both excellent routes for enthusiastic cyclists and families seeking for an outing activity.
Date & Location:
September 29 8:30-16:00
Iron Hill Cycling Sport Village
September 30 9:00-16:00
Dongshi Hakka Cultural Center 


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