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2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition

Posted Date : 2019-05-06 3867
2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition
Rediscover GNP: Green ,Nature and People
Taichung World Flora Exposition will take place from November 3, 2018 to April 24, 2019. Comprising venues in Houli, Waipu and Fengyuan, the exposition advocates a brand new definition of GNP, Green, Nature and People. Houli expo site encompasses Houli Horse Ranch and the Forest Park, highlighting ecological conservation as well as the beauty of history found in old trees and the century-old horse ranch. Yongfeng Park in Waipu features production in a natural setting promoted as the homeland of flower and fruits. Huludun Park in Fengyuan, on the other hand, illustrates the joy of life in the riverbank flora city that is also known for its pastry culture.

Have you ever imagined the sound of blooming?
People nowadays are busy working, which not only exhausts them, but also blinds their minds. At the same time, “happiness” is like the silence of blooming. We miss its beautiful blooming period accidentally due to our busy life. We may have richer lives, but our minds and souls are being emptied.

For a long time, people have tended to emphasize economic effects and have overlooked the environmental damage we have caused. On one hand, we have damaged the environment to pursue development. On the other hand, we felt helpless and anxious about it. Therefore, with the holding of 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition, we invite citizens to reflect on the intimate relationship between humanity and Mother Nature and listen carefully to the messages conveyed by Mother Nature. 
Introduction to three expo sites:

Waipu Park Area   
Theme: The Flower and Fruit Village
Feature: Production – Green – Sharing

Waipu is blessed with its unique geographical and climate advantages, making it possible for the area to cultivate a variety of fruits and crops, with bountiful harvests in different seasons. Fruits (including ponkan, honey tangerine, lychee, sand pear, dragon fruit, grapes and so forth) and flowers (such as dancing-doll orchid, flamingo flower, lily and etc.) cultivated in Waipu are renowned for their quality and exported to all around the world. Waipu Park primarily features recreational agricultural experience and natural environment education with two permanent exhibition halls: 1. The Nature House and 2. Green Pavilion. 
Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area

Theme: Horse Ranch and Flower Paradise
Feature: Ecosystem - Nature- Coexistence

The area can be divided into the Horse Ranch Area (Houli Horse Ranch) and the Forest Park Area (Houli Military Base) as shown in the diagram. The Houli Forest Park Area retains its existing roads and paths, with a sizeable forest within the area of the military base. As for the Horse Ranch Area, on top of maintaining its former state, we have also striven to create a fun and exciting recreation area with the introduction of various fascinating features without compromising the historic buildings of the horse ranch or looks of the cultural landscape. Inspired by the concept to create a garden city, the area is adorned with numerous flowers in vibrant violet and red, painting a picture of breathtaking beauty. By collaborating with Taichung’s horticulture industry, the original plants of Taiwan cultivated in the area also accentuate the features of the “2018 Taichung World Flora Expo”.

Fengyuan Huludun Park Area
Theme: Floral Metropolis by the Water
Feature: Life-People-Mutual Good 

The landscape of Fengyuan Huludun Park Expo Site is constructed with techniques of natural landscape design using the existing space of Huludun Park and the banks of Ruanpizai Creek in the hopes of creating an ecological environment with the central theme of Floral metropolis by the water. The entire Huludun Park can be divided into five areas. Areas 1 through 4 feature various traits and elements that are characteristics of Taichung, with green land, nature and people as elements of the Flora Expo to be blended into the overall park environment. This is to enable visitors to get closer to nature while strolling in the midst of various flowers and decorative plants.

Ticket information
  • Full price ticket: $350
  • Tickets are available for purchase on the official website, GOMAJI, SHOPEE, Famiport, UDN Tickets Website,, or ibon in 7-ELEVEN stores. There will be no additional handling fees. (Tickets are available both online and via kiosks)


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