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Grand Opening of Taichung Shopping Festival on July 10th

Posted Date : 2023-11-02 1715

The Taichung Shopping Festival between tomorrow (the 10th) and August 18th will begin. For shoppers who spend more than NTD500, they can log on the website for lucky draws. Winners will receive grand prizes of a luxury house with the value of millions, a car and copper sculpture works worth of one million New Taiwan Dollars, and e-scooters.

Shoppers can receive points calculated at three times the spent amount at participating shops. Additionally, the app of the Taichung Shopping Festival is now available. Users who download the app and complete registration today are also eligible for winning a night stay at a Presidential Suite worth of NTD300,000 in the lucky draw organized by the Taichung City Government. Anyone and everyone are invited to download the app and join the contest.


Led by Mayor Lu Hsiu-yen, the delegation of Taichung City Government convened a meeting of city administration at Shiuhkuang Elementary School in Wuri District. The Director-General of Economic Development Bureau, Kao Szu-hsiang , presented the project of the Taichung Shopping Festival. He pointed out that the Festival was inspired by Mayor Lu who would like to make the Festival in Taichung to be listed among the top four shopping festivals as those in Hong Kong, Italy and Singapore. With the continuous efforts of relevant agencies, the Festival will be finally launched tomorrow.


Director-General Kao said the first Taichung Shopping Festival will be held between July 10th and August 18th and during the Festival, shoppers who shop in Taichung with the amount exceeding NTD500 can log on the Internet with their invoice numbers to enter the lucky draw for winning grand prizes including a ten-million luxury house, a stay at Presidential Suite, one-million car, one-million copper sculpture works, e-scooters, floor mopping robots and 3C products.


The App of the Taichung Shopping Festival was available at the end of June and before today, those who downloaded and successfully registered without any consumption requirement are eligible for the drawing to win a night’s stay at Taiwan’s sole and only Presidential Suite in the Lin Hotel worth NTD300, 000 and six sets of Nintendo Switch.


In addition to the luck draw, during the Festival, interested buyers who come to Taichung for house hunt can acquire their serial numbers by scanning the QR code to enter the “Grand Prize Event for House Hunting” and each account will be given five serial numbers of construction projects.


Grand prizes will be given away weekly for the Festival and venues of lucky draws include Daan Beach on July 14th, Wen-Hsin Forest Park on July 21st, Beitun Park on July 28th, and Sogo Mall, Fengyuan on August 4th, Guangfu Village on August 11th and the square in front of the Civic Building on Taiwan Boulevard on August 18th and diverse events are planned with different themes at each venue.


Director-General Kao said more than 20,000 shops have participated in the Festival such as department stores, wholesalers, retailers, outlets, tea stands, and art and cultural shops, or even vendors of night markets and traditional markets. Shoppers who shop at these participating shops will receive points by three times of their consumption amounts. Shoppers only need to spend NTD167 for entering a lucky draw and for the consumption amount of NTD500, they can join lucky draws three times.


After their consumption, shoppers can log on the Internet to scan their invoice numbers automatically or manually for winning prizes of lucky draws. If they shop at a shop exempted from the use of invoice, they can scan the store QR code to accumulate the consumption amount and join lucky draws.


Additionally, the Taichung Shopping Festival also organizes “Taichung Go Treasure Hunting” and shoppers can follow instructions given by the app to look for treasure boxes at each destination in Taichung and those who find the treasure box can receive points. One point equals to one dollar and they can deem gifts free of charge at participating stores.


Furthermore, for those who fill in online surveys, there are opportunities to win 100 points of Taichung Go Treasure Hunting. Each week 10 lucky winners will be picked through lucky draws.


Mayor Lu pointed out that starting from tomorrow when the Taichung Shopping Festival begins, shoppers shall remember to register their consumption. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join the lucky draws for winning grand prizes and growing economy in Taichung. Everyone will be the winner.


For more information, please visit the website of Taichung Shopping Festival and your participation is mostly welcome.


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