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2019 Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival Kicks Off on June 29

Posted Date : 2019-11-25 1667
2019 Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival

2019 Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival will be held at the Da-an Sea Theme Park from June 29 to July 21. This year's theme Hi On Daan – Whale Rhapsody Party combines marine ecological characteristics to present the largest 3D whale sand sculpture for the very first time. The life-like sculpture appears ultra-realistic from any angle. According to Mayor Shiow-yen Lu, the most spectacular sand sculpture in Taiwan can be found in Daan, and she has extended her invitation to tourist domestic and abroad to come to the coast to admire the sand sculptures.


Tourism and Travel Bureau hosted the press conference at Da-an Sea Theme Park today (26th), which was attended by Mayor Lu, Lin Hsiao-chi, the Director-General of Tourism and Travel Bureau, Wu Min-chi, the City Councilor, and several local Village Chiefs. Mayor Lu also dotted the eyes of the whale with a colored pain, symbolizing kicking off a whole host of exciting activities. Legislator Tsai Chi-chang and Shih Chih-chang, the representatives of City Councilor, Li Jung-hung, and Jan Ling-hsuan's office also turned out for the function.


The most spectacular sand sculpture in Taiwan can be found in Daan! Mayor Lu suggested that Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival is being held for the 9th year in a row, attracting 200,000 to 300,000 people annually, making it an iconic event in Taichung. This year's sand sculptures draw inspiration from land/marine ecology and the mythology of the Sea God, as well as the whale image of Daan Harbor. In total, 18 exquisite 3D sand sculptures come together to create the biggest Hi On (Taiwanese for whale) sand sculpture in the history of Daan Sand Sculpture and Music Festival.


Mayor Lu commented that the opening party of this year's event features enthralling performances by celebrities including Rachel Liang, Cosmos People, and Gail. In addition, domestic and foreign tourists are invited to join the festival's activities such as family sand sculpture DIY and visit coastal scenic attractions such as Gaomei Wetland, Dajia Zhenlan Temple, and Wuqi Fishing Harbor, where they can admire sand sculptures, tour the coastal line, and enjoy a fun, interesting summer vacation.


Tourism and Travel Bureau Director-General Lin pointed out that Daan Harbor was known as Hi On Ku Harbor during the Ming Dynasty. Hi On is the Taiwanese pronunciation for whale, because legend has it that whales were spotted in Daan Harbor before. Consequently, this year's theme is called Hi On Daan – Whale Rhapsody Party, creating the very first accessible sand sculpture exhibition in Daan for the convenience of people with disabilities.


Director-General Lin explained that activities including Taichung Local Flavors and Pancar Bazaar, Sound of the Ocean Concert, Happy Great White Shark Jumping Castle, and Searching for Hi On Whale Line stickers, etc. will also be held over the weekends. Meanwhile, the swimming pool at Daan Coastal Tourist Information Center will also be open during the sand sculpture festival for the visitors to cool off under the scorching summer heat (closed on Monday).


Taichung City Scenic Area Administration Office stated that shuttle buses will be available at Dajia Train Station and Nanyuan Parking Lot on the opening day (29th), so whether you are taking the bus, the train or driving, you will be able to reach the event venue via the comprehensive shuttle service. The public is urged to take advantage of this convenient service; please refer to the Taichung Travel Facebook fan page for information related to departure time, route, stops and temporary parking.

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