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More than 900,000 Visitors Arrive at the Taiwan Lantern Festival in the 1st Weekend

Posted Date : 2020-02-20 1477

The main exhibition area of 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival has been grandly open and in the 1st weekend and 932,705 visitors arrived. Due to wind and safety considerations, the scheduled drone performance on the opening day was cancelled. Yesterday (the 9th), because of good weather, the Bureau of Tourism and Travel of Taichung City arranged for the drone performance at 19:10 as well as an additional one at 20:10.

The 500 drones appeared like meteor shower that gave a touching photo moment with various patterns in formation for visitors to the Taiwan Lantern Festival.

The Taiwan Lantern Festival broke the record of the number of drones performing and through the transformation of 2D plane structure into the 3D patterns, geometric images were shown. Last night, the uniform patterns in the formation including meteor shower, the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung, Ingot Sent by the Money Rat in the Chinese Lunar New Year, Lantern, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, and Red Envelope Delivered by God of Fortune, and Houli Saxophone present amazing visual effects and touched all the visitors at the site!

Mr. Lin, one visitor to the Festival, said, “The Taiwan Lantern Festival is full of surprises!” who saw the familiar Taichung elements flying over the sky to create amazing visual effects. He was impressed by the Taichung text pattern and Houli Saxophone and wished that he will have the chance to come back. One student said, “it was amazing!” Another student said he originally thought that was the LED light display but it turned out to be an amazing performance of drones.

According to the Bureau of Tourism and Travel, on the closing day, February 23rd, the largest scale of drone performance, up to 800, is scheduled and the original performance on the opening day is now changed to February 15th. Additionally, between February 9th and 22nd, one round of 500-drone performance is scheduled daily. On Valentine's Day, February 14th, a special performance dedicated to lovers will be on. Visitors are recommended to taste gourmet foods and tour the destinations in day time, come to the Festival site in night time, and stay in Taichung for a night.

The Bureau also reminds visitors that due to the influence of weather and in consideration of performance integrity and safety, performances will be cancelled or postponed if it rains and the wind force level is higher than 4. Relevant information will be announced at the site and posted on the app. For information and time of performance of drones, please visit the “2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival” website( ).


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