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Delayed World Orchid Conference with the Pre-launch of “Mobile World Orchid Show” in Taichung

Posted Date : 2020-03-25 1282

The originally scheduled World Orchid Conference and Show 2020 was delayed to respond to the outbreak of COVID-19. Agriculture Bureau of Taichung City Government now used floral materials purchased to arrange and plan for different shapes of orchid exhibitions at several rest areas on national highways, sites of people gathering, and tourism sites to present the “mobile orchid show.”

According to Agriculture Bureau, the amazing “mobile orchid show” utilizes different species of orchids including moth orchid, dancing-doll orchid, and orchid tree for arrangement at rest areas on highways such as Xihu, Qingshui, Nantou, Xiluo, and Gukeng, sites of people gathering in Taichung, Fengyuan, Houli, Xin Wuzi Train Station, and tourism sites at Gukeng Green Tunnel, Lihpao Resort, and government agencies of Council of Agriculture, Agriculture and Food Agency Council, and Taichung City Government.

According to Agriculture Bureau, through the “mobile orchid show,” more people are able to enjoy the visual sensation of orchid and please use the opportunities to appreciate the beauty of orchids at each exhibition site.


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