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Launch of the 2nd Taichung Shopping Festival this Summer!

Posted Date : 2020-05-25 1457

Win an Air Purifier by Selecting Main Visual Design and Sub-headlines

The 2nd Taichung Shopping Festival is going to be grandly launched in this July and August. In order to vitalize local businesses, Economic Development Bureau planned early warmup activities for the Festival by inviting the public to vote for “the Main Visual Design and Sub-headlines.” By voting, a winner will have the chance to bring FUTURE -N6 air purifier home. The voting event starts from today (the 6th) to 17:00 on the 15th and you are welcome to take part!

According to the Economic Development Bureau, although global economy is seriously hit by the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the Taichung City Government still decides to upgrade the Festival based on the core of “pandemic prevention and control as well as economic growth.” In addition to the increasing number of physical stores participating, online shopping platforms also take a part. Consumers can actually visit Taichung and go shopping and they can also choose to let “their fingers do the shopping” online. With both physical and online shopping, more business opportunities are expected to be created during the Festival.

The Economic Development Bureau emphasized that this year's shopping festival is planned as an eight-week event and at the same time, there are more chances for shoppers to win prizes in lucky draws with higher accumulated amounts.

Each week, mysterious prizes are prepared and the final grand prizes will be drawn on the last week of the Festival.

For the voting event, the Economic Development Bureau described that there are three main visual designs to respond to this year's themes including “barcode design,” “Taichung's famous local delicacies with “opening surprise” and the “shopping bags” with famous landmarks in Taichung such as Mid-lake Pavilion, National Taichung Theater, Konan Love Bridge and the Luce Memorial Chapel.

For sub-headliners, voters can make their selection from among computer language concepts: @ “Fingertip Consumption@ Convenient and Easy Shopping in Taichung” and “Taichung Shopping Festival of Five Goods” symbolizing gourmet foods, fun visits, easy shopping, bargain shopping and good living as well as the interesting one of “Goods of Shopping in Taichung and Taichung” pronounced in the Taiwanese dialect. The voting event is expected to come closer to the public life. The link to the voting event:( ).


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