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ROOR~The Monster Nina Fun Fest

Posted Date : 2016-07-14 7339

Event Objective: Together with Caowu Monster Nina, Caowu Monkey and other animal characters help create a merry ambience for the Chinese New Year of Monkey. While the event continues, there will be a Caowu Monster Nina Market, guessing games, playground, etc. Aside from all thosethese events, Monster Nian jigsaw puzzle games, tangyuan-making, Monster Nina mini tours, and charity activities will be held as well to let you experience a different New Year Festival.

Event Venue: No.534, Yingcai Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (Caowu Square)
Event Dates: Jan 30-Mar 13, 2016
Event Programs:

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Fun & Fun(Jan 30-Mar 13, 2016)
Caowu Monkey and Guessing Games

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Calligraphy(Jan 31, 2016 for Competition、Feb 3-Mar 13, 2016 for Exhibition)
Calligraphy Competition and Exhibition

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Giving Love(Jan 30, 2016)
Donate Secondhand Clothing & Toys to and Send Love to the Elderly and Children in the Remote Villages

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Going on Vacation(Every Sat. from Jan 30 to Mar 12, 2016)
Mini Tours Exclusively during the Chinese New Year

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Outdoor Fun(Feb 8-29, 2016)
Build up a Joyful Playground on Caowu Square

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Show Time(Feb 8-14, 2016)
Invite Talented Performers/Groups to Perform

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Creative Generations(Feb 8-14, 2016)
Festive Creative Markets

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Happy Reunion(Feb 21, 2016)

ROAR~ Monster Nian-Monkey Brainstorming(Feb 27, 2016)
ROOR~The Monster Nina Fun Fest
Jigsaw Puzzle Games for Parents and Children



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