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Taichung Tourism


Taichung City Tourism Video- The Heart of Taiwan

Posted Date : 2020-07-08 2621
Taichung City Tourism Video- The Heart of Taiwan
Behold the beauty of Taichung.
Taichung, the heart of Taiwan.
Lush mountains, flourishing farmlands, the serene seaside, and soothing hot spring. These are the scenery of the countryside Taichung situated between the sea and mountains.
Rich cultures, exciting sparks of creativity, lights, and glamor. These are what make the prosperous city enchanting.
While in Taichung, one must not waste time. You will fall in love with the city as you genuinely observe, experience, and take in what it has to offer.
Taichung. The Heart of Taiwan.
Directed by the Golden Horse Award-winning director Jay Chern, music by internationally renowned musician Kurt Schneider, and voice-over by Asian celebrity Vivian Hsu.
This time, we’re taking you on a journey to rediscover Taichung. You will definitely love it!



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