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Trip to Fengyuan Golden Huludun

Posted Date : 2022-03-09 2212
Trip to Fengyuan Golden Huludun

Even in the cold winter, it can become warm because of love and joy. Winter is a season full of hope. May this hope bring you joy to welcome the new year and move towards a new journey.
Starting from the concept of "journey," going outdoors, and taking "Trip to Fengyuan" as the theme. Named: Trip to Fengyuan series Dongfeng station Hope

※During the COVID-19 epidemic, please refer to the announcement on the official website for the latest activities.

Events & Transportation Information
Events & Transportation InformationExhibition Time
Exhibition Location
Zone 4 and 5, Huludun Park, Fengyuan District, Taichung City
Main entrance
Zone 4: locates Yuanhuan W. Rd is close to the Bamboo Pavilion Section, Fengzhou road, and Zhongshan Section
Zone 5: locates Zhongshan RoadSection, parking lot of the Yuanhuan W. Rd, and Section 8 of Fengyuan Avenue
Parking Lot
You can park on the roadside or the parking lot in Zone 5 of Yuanhuan W. Rd. 
Yuanhuan N.-Zhongshan Intersection: 235 FENGYUAN CIRCLE LINE, 701, 218
Yuanhuan W.-Chenggong Intersection: 235 FENGYUAN CIRCLE LINE, 701
Yuanhuan W. Rd./Zhongshan Rd.: The intersection between Zhongshan Rd. and Yuanhuan W. Rd. 
Introduction of works
Mind ChangingMind Changing
Huludun is a place with beautiful mountains, excellent water, and rich products. Taking the auspicious gourd as the image, it symbolizes that even after the changes of the times, the impression of Fengyuan's past prosperity is still rotating and shining in hearts.
Weaving thoughtsWeaving thoughts
This work weaves the effect like a maze with colorful colors. Bright colors there symbolize the richness of life and mean that every thought creates a bright future. Invite adults and children to travel through it with the fun of exploration, making every entrance an unknown expectation. Every exit is a new beginning.
During the Japanese colonial rule period, Fengyuan was the primary area for rice production in Taiwan. With the urban reform, however, the cultivated area has decreased. People have also gradually forgotten the story of the "Huludun rice of emperor-class " here. People sing songs that farmers used to sing to symbolize that the historic Huludun still exudes the halo of a bumper rice harvest.
Time fliesTime flies
Through the changes of the times, Fengyuan has gradually transformed from agriculture to industry and commerce. And its prosperity has improved by degrees. All this land has to thank the people who have paid and dedicated. Time passes quickly. Therefore, we should remember the history and cherish the things preserved to open up a better future.
The dim light of night in FengyuanThe dim light of night in Fengyuan
Walk-in Huludun Park at night to enjoy the beauty of nature. The purer the environment, the more beautiful things can be seen. When you look up at the starry sky, it uses harmless laser light with the rhythm of the music to create a feeling like you are in the Milky Way. Every moment, every perspective, and every single state of mind will have different affections. The lights here seem to be within reach, but you can't grasp them.
The face of the moonThe face of the moon
The evening wind blows gently across the moonlight-covered earth. The full moon is like snowballs inlaid in the calm grass. They say that the moon in winter is rounder and brighter than that in summer. Winter is a well season to enjoy the moon. So don't miss watching the face of the moon when you visit Fengyuan at night.
Tour under the rain of purple flowers in FengyuanTour under the rain of purple flowers in Fengyuan
The flowers in Fengyuan only blossom first in spring are still in full bloom in winter. Strings of purple flowers are dancing in the wind, so you can go into the rain of purple petals and enjoy this dreamy scene. It seems to reproduce the wisteria scene in the popular animation "Blade of Demon Destruction." You can feel the tenacity of the flowers that formerly bloom in spring but persist in blooming in winter. You also can create the courage to live for love in thoughts!
The colors of lifeThe colors of life
The drone team, which won the Muse Platinum Award and the silver award of the drive x design New York Design Award, performs "the colors of life" with 50 drones. It will match the dazzling water surface lamp group and magnificent music effect on the Ruanpizai Creek in Zone 5 of Fengyuan Huludun park. It interprets the rich color of life through different colors and graphic changes. Each color symbolizes different experiences in life, encourages everyone present to live a magnificent life, and tints each fragment of life. Interspersed with brightly colored grain ears, it conveys the image of "harvest" only through never giving up efforts in difficulties. The performance not only arouses audiences with the brilliant memories of Fengyuan's past but also brings shocking emotions.

Although this activity is an outdoor open space, we recommend wearing a mask and maintaining a safe social distancing during the epidemic to avoid the risk of clustering.


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