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2016 Firefly Watching in Taichung

Posted Date : 2016-08-10 10.9k
2016 Firefly Watching in Taichung

The rich natural resources of central Taiwan create a good habitat for fireflies. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, great efforts have been made to enhance the public's awareness of firefly restoration and conservation. For both children and adults, firefly watching is definitely an impressive and amazing experience. The best time for firefly watching starts from early April. We welcome your participation in a fantastic nighttime tour!

  • 2016 Dongshi Forest Garden Firefly Watching Season
         Time: From now until the end of May
         Location: Dongshi Forest Garden

  • Lavender Cottage Firefly Festival
    Time: Officially begins from April 9
         Location: Only at Xinshe Branch (No.20, Zhongxing St., Zhonghe Vil., Xinshe Dist.,Taichung City)
  • 2016 Dasyueshan (Great Snow Mountain) Community Firefly Eco-tour and  Low-carbon Experience Activities
     Time: 4:30-8:00 PM, from April 9 to May 22
          Location: Dasyueshan Forest Trail (14.15k)
  • 2016 Dakeng Guided Eco Tours
     Time: 4:00-9:00 PM on April 23 and 30, 2 sessions in total
          Location: Dakeng Butterfly/Firefly Restoration Area
  • 2016 RuanPiKeng (Soft Pond) Leisure Industry Development Association 11th Firefly Night Tour
          Time: From now until the end of May (Officially begins from April 16)
          Location: RuanPiKeng Agricultural Leisure Area

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