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Explore Old Town Taichung

Posted Date : 2021-08-13 2050
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The old town area in Taichung refers to the area near the old train station where it used to be the center of prosperity in the past. It is nicknamed “Little Kyoto” for the grid street plan and commercial streets. If you want to take a break from the city hustle and bustle, the old town area is a great destination to learn about Taichung’s unique culture through exploring century-old historic buildings and tasting local deliciousness hidden in alleys.

Suggested Route
Taiwan Museum of Suncake → Jiguang Street (Vietnamese baguette, Hsieh Breakfast and Douhua Store) → Herb Street → ASEAN Plaza → Shin Sheng Bridge (Miyahara) → Zhongshan Road (Yurong Fabric Store, Fourth Credit Union)

Taiwan Museum of Suncake
Delicious Suncake Passed Down with Sixty Years of History

Suncake is the most renowned treat in Taichung. It is a moderately sweet pastry featuring multiple layers and maltose filling. The original site of Taiwan Museum of Suncake located on Taiwan Boulevard was a century-old architecture, Chuan An Hall. The two-level museum was built in memory of Wei Ching- Hai, the person who invented suncake. The museum comprises a dining area, cultural and creative product store and exhibition of traditional pastry. Tourists are encouraged to visit the museum and learn about Taichung's local dining culture.

Taiwan Museum of Suncake
Open time:08:00-21:00
Visiting information: Free admission. Fee for DIY activity is NT$250 per person.
Address:No.145, Sec. 1, Taiwan Blvd., Central Dist., Taichung City

Jiguang Street
The Street of Hidden Goodies

Jiguang Street near Taichung Train Station was called Rongding in the Japanese colonial period. It used to home businesses including fabric stores, restaurants, watch and clock shops and grocery stores. In addition to the most renowned Jiguang Fried Chicken, another recommended food to try in Jiguang Street is the must-eat breakfast dish among local Taichung residents, meat and egg sandwich. The exotic Vietnamese baguette is also worth trying.

Hsieh Breakfast and Douhua Store is a highly rated breakfast place suggested by locals. The sixty-year-old store features a simple sandwich made with three slices of toasts, fried fillet and cucumbers. The delicious and exceptionally portioned breakfast is surprisingly affordable. Douhua and omelets are also signature breakfast dishes.

Vietnamese baguette, on the other hand, is an exotic taste introduced by Vietnamese to Taiwan. The thick slices of meat, crisp and refreshing cucumbers wrapped with baked french baguette has captivated the taste buds of locals and Vietnamese migrant workers alike with authentic Vietnamese flavors.

Hsieh Breakfast and Douhua Store
Open time:05:00-12:00
Address:No.136, Jiguang St., Central Dist., Taichung City

Herb street
The Fragrant Alley of Herbal Aroma

Herb street located on Chenggong Road Lane 90 in Central District seems unassuming at first sight, but as you get closer, you will soon be greeted with herbal aroma. Han Qiang Medicine Plant Store and A-Lan Herbal Tea Store are two of the decades old herb stores that sell thirst-quenching herbal tea, herbal medicine and fresh medicinal herbs. Indeed, Herb Street is no longer crowded with customers, but the distinctive herbal aroma and its rich history is definitely a treasure to visitors who look for a peaceful and tranquil cultural experience.

Herb Street
Address:Ln. 90, Chenggong Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City

ASEAN in Taichung

ASEAN Plaza, originally known as the First Plaza located near Taichung Train Station, was the First Public Market in the Japanese colonial period. The soaring buildings suggested that it was once the most prosperous shopping district in Taichung. Today, ASEAN Plaza features a very different look as local Taiwanese culture meets with diverse cultures from Southeast Asia. A variety of food stalls and stores featuring southeast Asian cultures can be found in ASEAN Plaza. It is the place to go if you’re interested in tasting delicacies and experiencing cultures of Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Xinsheng Bridge
The Elegant Arch Bridge

Xinsheng Bridge (Zhongshan Green Bridge) located on Zhongshan Road over Green River was built in 1908 by the Japanese government at the time to commemorate the opening of north-south railway lines in Taiwan. The bridge features artistic railing made of iron cast. It is an elegant historic architecture like Miyahara nearby.
【Source: Cultural Heritage Department of Taichung City — Zhongshan Green Bridge (Old name: Xingsheng Bridge)】

The external appearance of Miyahara features mottled red bricks and historic stone pillars. The moment you push through the doors to Miyahara, you enter a realm of nostalgia. The signature cheese cakes and sundae produced by Dawn Cake brought even more fame to the already popular Miyahara. It is now among a list of most visited stores in Taichung.

Open time:10:00-22:00
Address:No.20, Zhongshan Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City

Zhonghshan Road
The Once Prosperous Zhonghshan Road

Zhongshan Road was a residential area for Japanese people in the Japanese colonial period. It was a residential area for Japanese people. Nowadays, Zhongshan Road appears rather quiet with unassuming old stores. However, the stores are in fact rich in history dating back to 70 years ago when textile business thrived.

You can find all sorts of fabrics of various colors and patterns in Rongyu Fabric Store. The store was originally a yamamoto kimono store opened for business near Jiguang Street in the Japanese colonial period. In addition to regular fabric sales, it also offers tailor-made clothes. Many old customers consider Rongyu Fabric Store their top choice.

The Fourth Credit Union also in the neighborhood is now a property of Dawn Cake Company. The historic architecture used to be the office of bank clerks was renovated into a dessert shop in which the old bank’s vault and cement pillars were preserved. Its signature dessert  inspired by Taichung’s local treat Feng Ren Ice is served in a unique setting where the past meets the present.

Rongyu Fabric Store
Open time:11:00-20:00
Address:No.71, Zhongshan Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City

Fourth Credit Union
Open time:10:00-22:00
Address:No.72, Zhongshan Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City
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