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Chung Hua Night Market

Posted Date : 2022-01-11 13.2k


Chung Hua Night Market is filled with many old Taiwanese snack stands. It has over 40 years of history. Some of the vendors have gone through many generations. In the meantime, it is the biggest old night market in Taichung City. Many snack stands are scattered around on Chung Hua Road. You can find everything here. There are also unique snacks, such as snakes and turtles. There are the Rixin and Global movie theater, and Wonderful Cinemas for second round movies, which provide you with different movie choices.
Chung Hua Night MarketChung Hua Night Market


On Chung Hua, Central Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
Official website
Official website
Open time
Sunday : 16:00 – 04:00
Monday : 16:00 – 04:00
Tuesday : 16:00 – 04:00
Wednesday : 16:00 – 04:00
Thursday : 16:00 – 04:00
Friday : 16:00 – 04:00
Saturday : 16:00 – 04:00

Service Facilities

  • Parking
  • Bus stop

How to Get There

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