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Light Travel to Taichung in Autumn and Winter

Posted Date : 2020-01-15 1440

Hiking Trails in Dakeng and Xinshe for Hot Spring and Flower Zones
Autumn and winter are the right seasons for travelling because of the nice weather. Additionally, with autumn and winter tour subsidies, it is also the right time to have light travels to Taichung. According to the Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau, autumn and winter tour subsidies are available between September 1st and December 31st.

Independent travelers who stay in participating hotels in Taichung from Sunday to Friday can enjoy the discount on actual accommodation fee at NTD1,000 a night. Travelers around Taiwan are welcome to visit Taichung’s backyard “Dakeng Scenic Area” for hiking, leaf viewing, and hot springs and then they can choose to visit the flower zone in Xinshe and taste local delicacies. Taichung definitely is your best tour destination for autumn and winter travel!

Director of Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau, Lin Hsiao-chi, said located in Beitun District of Taichung, the Dakeng Scenic Area lies from 100 meters to 800 meters above the sea level and has diverse ecologies and natural fall foliage. Inside the scenic area, there are 12 hiking trails with different challenge levels for individual physical strength. After hiking, hot spring facilities in hotels in the scenic area enable hikers to reach optimum metabolic effect.

Lin also pointed out that within the distance of 10-minute drive from Dakeng Scenic Area, the most beautiful event in Taiwan this year, Xinshe Flower Zone and Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival are organized in Xinshe community until December 1st. This is the world’s first flower installation art performance showcasing the scene of Le Petit Prince, 200-meter rose totem, and flower corridor decorated with thousands of fresh roses as well as large-area flower zones with various themes. This should not be missed by light travelers to Taichung.

Director Lin recommended to go hiking, enjoy the hot springs and visit the flower zones during day time and at night, travelers can have gourmet foods in the downtown area and night markets. Taichung offers everything that one expects. Furthermore, 505 B&Bs with unique features, eight tourist hotels, 47 starred hotels, 62 low carbon hotels, and 16 homestay hotels provide in-depth tourism in the rural areas to satisfy different needs of individuals with various itineraries.

According to the Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau, by working with the 30 B&Bs, during Xinshe Flower Carpet Festival, Taichung City B&B Association has launched the NTD2820 incentive program that includes a variety of fun activities such as visiting the flower zones, fruit picking, afternoon tea, DIY events and low carbon biking tours.

In addition, to incorporate with autumn and winter tour subsidies, travelers can go to the service counter at the Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival and present their proof documents such as invoices or receipts to redeem limited editions of Le Petit Prince; independent travelers will have the chance to enter lucky draws next February for winning tickets or free hotel vouchers after staying in hotels participating in the subsidy program.

For more information on the Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival and autumn and winter tour subsidies, please visit the Taichung Tourism and Travel website:


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