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Invitation to Challenge the Seven Heroes in Guguan by the Taichung City Government

Posted Date : 2019-12-04 1284

Located on the two sides of south Dajia River, Baxin Shan, Malun Shan, Wuwowei Shan, Bojingchia Shan, Dongmou Shan, Baimou Shan, and Tangmadan Shan are nicknamed “the Seven Heroes in Guguan with the middle challenge level that attracts many mountaineers.

The Taichung City Government announced from today (the 25th) to February 29, 2020 for those who complete the mountaineering of the Seven Heroes in Guguan will be awarded with the completion certificate, takeover badge, and a gift provided by cooperating mountaineering equipment suppliers. Everyone is welcome to take the challenge and visit the beautiful sceneries of mountains and Dajia River.

Director of Bureau of Tourism and Travel, Taichung City Government, Lin Shiao-chi said in recent years, mountaineering has become very popular in Taiwan. Incorporating with the Tourism Bureau of MOTC’s policy to promote Year 2020 as “the Year of Mountain Tourism,” the Taichung City Government set this year’s event theme as “2019 Mountaineering of the Seven Heroes in Guguan, Taichung.” There are two tasks in this event for the completion of “the Three Heroes” and “Seven Heroes.” From now to February 29, 2020, mountaineers who complete one of the two tasks and submit relevant proof documents will be awarded an honor with the “Completion Badge” (the former) and “Completion Certificate” and “Takeover Badge” (the latter), respectively.

Director Lin further pointed out that with the official completion certification, the Taichung City Government would like to encourage more mountaineers to take the challenge and make mountains in the Heping District visible in the international mountaineering community. This event is organized with the cooperation of the mountaineering equipment industry and relevant discount products and gifts for task completion are provided.

The Sports Bureau would like to remind mountaineers that there are different challenge levels when climbing “the Seven Heroes in Guguan.” The shortest trip would take about three hours while the longest may need eight to nine hours. When mountaineering, mountaineers need to consider their own physical status and weather condition.

According to Bureau of Tourism and Travel, this event includes three mountaineering tourism promotion seminars respectively organized at 14:00 and 15:40 on December 21st and 14:00 on January 4, 2020 at Taoyuan Outdoor Mountaineering and Camping Equipment Store. Mountaineer Lu Chung-Han as well as representatives from Taichung Evergreen Mountaineering Association and the ROC Mountain Disaster Relief Association will be invited to share about relevant issues of mountaineering equipment, safety, and relief. You are welcome to take a part. For more information, please visit Taichung Tourism and Travel website

Director Lin, Director Li Rui-Yu of Sports Bureau, Councilors of Taichung City, Ran Lingxuan and He Wen-Hai, and President He Chian-Jung of Taichung Evergreen Mountaineering Association attended today’s press conference of “2019 Mountaineering of Seven Heroes in Guguan, Taichung” by being mountaineers and putting the completion flags to mark the official beginning of this event. Representatives of mountaineering associations around Taiwan and suppliers of mountaineering equipment also took part to make this press conference very successful.


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