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Upgraded Facilities at the Family Camping and Water Activity Site- Daan Beach Park

Posted Date : 2020-04-29 1829

Daan Beach Park yesterday (6th) officially announced handing over operations to its contracted operator. With the comprehensively upgraded software and hardware equipment at the Tourist Service Center, Taiwan’s first luxurious camping area in the beach park has been built.

According to the Bureau of Tourism and Travel of Taichung City Government, to respond to COVID-19 outbreak, Daan Beach Park is temporarily closed for the public and software and hardware equipment are now being upgraded for overall improvement in order to provide visitors a safe and friendly recreational environment.

The Director General of Bureau of Tourism and Travel, Lin Shiau-chi said, Daan Beach Park in the future will combine a luxurious camping complex and rich ecology of natural wetlands by the sea. Enjoying the blue coastal line overseas, visitors can relax their body and mind and revel in the romantic experience.

In order to upgrade the overall brand new experience for tourists, the contracted operator spent nearly NTD25 million on internal equipment. Additionally, the Taichung Scenic Administration made use of the period of fighting against the disease and receiving fewer visitors to upgrade its environment. Thus, the Daan Tourist Service Center and nearby facilities are temporarily closed.

The Bureau of Tourism and Travel especially would like to remind visitors that guided tours to Daan Beach Park on Sundays are also temporarily suspended. Visitors are also called for to observe the “principle of social distancing” when visiting the relevant destinations during this disease control and prevention period. A distance of 1.5 meters and 1 meter shall be maintained, respectively, indoors and outdoors to avoid infection and spread of the virus. Let us protect ourselves and others.

The Taichung Scenic Administration added that after upgrading, the trial operations of the tourist service center and camping area of Daan Beach Park are expected to begin in June. In the future, it will become the tourist destination that will combine “eco-tourism,” “environmental education,” “waterfront experience” and “camping.” Look forward to this brand new beach park. Please also accept our apologies for any inconvenience occurring during construction.


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