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900 People Total Number of Visitor Capacity Control on the Wooden Walkway of Gaomei Wetland

Posted Date : 2020-04-29 1470

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) in Taiwan yesterday (10th) announced that in order to prevent the cluster infection threat to Taiwan’s domestic disease control, starting from today, public spaces with dense crowds including popular scenic sites, national parks, theme parks and night markets shall adopt control and management measures for the flow of people.

The Gaomei Wetlands administered by Taichung City Government now adopts the CECC measures to control the flow of people on the wooden walkways up to the maximum capacity of 900 people. In addition to personnel patrol on the site, the Qingshui Police Station nearby will also send their staff to assist in the enforcement.

According to Agriculture Bureau, although the wooden walkway of Gaomei Wetland belongs to outdoor space but the City Government is tightening its control measures to maintain the requirement of safety distance of 1.5 meters indoors for the maximum capacity of 900 people.

The sustainable area at the end of wooden walkway has been also included in the maximum capacity calculation; at the entrance of the wooden walkway, personnel are stationed for number calculation and management. If more than 900 people have entered the area, no more admission will be then allowed. Only after some of the visitors from among the 900 go out, only then will those waiting be admitted.

The Agriculture Bureau reminds the public to protect themselves and others by wearing a face mask in scenic sites and maintaining proper social distance with others. Do follow the guidance given by the personnel on patrol at the site to care for the ecology and contain the pandemic.


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