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The World's Well-known Sunset- A Healing Visit to Gaomei Wetlands with an Easy Mind

Posted Date : 2020-04-29 2795
Gaomei Wetlands

In recent years, the Gaomei Wetlands in Taichung has become a popular ecological and scenic site among domestic and international visitors and even has been praised as the must visit scene in one's life. Each year, the Gaomei wetlands attracts about 1.6 million visitors.

 At present, due to continuous spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the human traffic flow measure has been taken to control the number of visitors on the wooden walkways to no more than 900 people. Announcement of the updated prevention and control measures has also been posted to remind the public to maintain safe social distance and wear a face mask for self-health management.

Additionally, the Visitor Center of the Gaomei Wetlands has focused on disinfection works. No admission is given to any visitor with fever or who does not wear a face mask. Visitors shall have their body temperature measured and use alcohol to disinfect their hands. By providing a safe visiting environment, visitors that would like to relax their body and mind can enjoy their visit to Gaomei Wetlands with an easy mind.

According to the Director General of the Bureau of Tourism and Travel, Taichung City Government, Lin Shiau-chi, Gaomei Wetlands occupies 700 hectares with vast wetlands, unique wooden walkways, beautiful sunset scenery, diverse ecology and natural cultural landscape and has become well-known.

Taichung has adopted overall pandemic prevention and control measures for the tourism industry. Furthermore, Gaomei Wetlands provides outdoor spaces with good air ventilation not in a single closed field. Everyone is welcome to appreciate the world class beautiful scenery.

Director General Lin said in order to build Gaomei Wetlands as an international brand, her Bureau especially invited experts to design its Corporate Identity System (CIS) to gradually beautify visual landscape surrounding the Gaomei Wetlands.

First, because the container house used as the lounge of patrol personnel at the entrance of the wooden walkway is old, the Bureau incorporates the visual image and the container house with the hand painting of wild animals on the wetlands. Characteristic vests and fiddler crab shaped sun hats are designed for patrol personnel to allow visitors to feel the brand new tourism charm of Gaomei Wetlands.

Additionally, the Bureau also continuously coordinates with relevant agencies to improve tourism facilities such as index and guided signage in order to develop Gaomei Wetlands as an international tourism destination.

According to the Bureau, located at the south side of the estuary of the Dajia River in Qingshui District, Taichung City, Gaomei Wetlands can be accessed with convenient traffic. Visitors can take the Double Ten Public Bus of the Taichung City Government such as Line 111, 178, 179, 309, 655, and 688 to Gaomei Wetlands and then either take a walk or ride on an iBike to appreciate its wetland ecology and enjoy “Taiwan's most beautiful sunset.”

On their way, they can also visit the coastline tourism corridor with rich features including Wuqi Fish Port, Mutsui Outlet, Wuqi Historical Street, Dajia Zhanlan Temple, Turtle Shell Ecological Park, and Daan Beach Park. They can eat gourmet foods, play for fun, and go shopping. A two-day tour is recommended for outdoor natural ecology that can ease your mind and boost immunity.

In terms of accommodation, there are 40 registered and best selected hotels on the coastline of Taichung including Taichung Harbor Hotel, Alegran Motel, Maohua Motel, Firenze Motel, Frogs Time B &B. During the pandemic prevention and control period, the certificate program of “Safe Accommodation” has been launched by Taichung City Government for your travel ease and safety.

For more information about registered and safe accommodation selections and incentives, please log on to Taiwan Stay Net( and the website of Bureau of Tourism and Travel of Taichung (


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