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Taichung Arts Festival 2016

Posted Date : 2016-12-15 3371
Taichung Arts Festival 2016

Taichung Arts Festival was first held by the Taichung City Government in 2015 which attracted a tremendous number of visitors. It advocates Taichung as the “City of Flora” through the integration of local culture and flower and plants. The essence of the festival this year is “Crossover” and its duration is prolonged to an entire season. A variety of flora themed showcases and displays will take place, including drama, dance performance, flora public art installation, parade, literature creation, etc. The Taichung Arts Festival is to cultivate and foster a unique local culture in line with the promotion of tourism. Moreover, it paves the way for Taichung to connect to the world in preparation for the Taichung World Flora Expo in 2018.

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