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Sinshe Flower Festival 2016

Posted Date : 2016-11-03 5480
Sinshe Flower Festival 2016

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Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. 





Second Farm of Plant Seed Improvement Propagation Farm, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan  No.30, Xiexing St., Xiecheng Vil., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City.


The annual Sinshe Flower Festival is the most anticipated event in mountain area of Taichung. Entitled the “Enchanting Sinshe, Blooming Sea of Flowers”, this year’s festival features peacock-themed large-scale flower field and strip gardening filed comprising five different colors of cosmos. Six exhibition halls scatter among the vast field of flourishing flowers, echoing the idea of quality farm products locally grown and locally sold.
Three major outdoor fields are “Main Exhibit”, “Flower Field Scenic Area” and “Fine Flowers Area”. The previously mentioned six exhibition halls are “Farming Merriment in Taichung”, “Bear Love Forest”, “Village Harvest”, “Health Keeper”. “Innovative Agricultural Technology” and “YOUNG Taro”. There are two more display areas that are “Agricultural Products and Specialties of Taichung” and “Delicacies in Taichung” that invite visitors to directly meet and interact with farmers. Visitors can also learn about government-promoted agricultural policies and the latest agricultural technology. Sinshe Flower Festival is the perfect media that demonstrates Taiwan’s agriculture and diverse landscapes and cultures in the countryside.


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