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2019 Dreamy Christmasland in Taichung – Celebrate Christmas with Disney

Posted Date : 2019-12-11 1604

The Christmas event held by the Taichung City Government every year has been well received by the people of Taichung, and this year is no exception. The most eye-catching Christmas in Taiwan is here! Disney's most iconic classic characters "Mickey, Minnie, and friends,” the extremely popular "Winnie the Pooh and Friends," and the fan favorite "Disney Princesses" will have their own lanterns introduced on stage on December 6th.

 The exhibition area will start from the old TRA Taichung Station, and extend all the way to the Green and Yanagawa Waterways. The city’s Christmas event will celebrate the month of December and Christmas for 27 days!

The "2019 Taichung Dreamy Christmasland" will test its lights tonight (12/3) at the TRA Taichung Station Plaza. Mayor Lu Shiow-yen went to offer her concerns regarding the illumination trials. During Disney’s jolly "TSUM TSUM" music and lights show, the 14-meter-high "TSUM TSUM Christmas Tree" and the large 10-meter-tall gingerbread house installation were illuminated. Many people who came to the ceremony exclaimed “It’s so beautiful!” as they were the first to experience the lively Christmas atmosphere.

Mayor Lu remarked that, "This is the largest and longest exhibition!" The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will illuminate the city as it will be held in Taichung and this year’s Christmas event will last from December 6th till January 1st of next year.

This is the longest Christmas event as the venue has also been expanded: the exhibition area starts from the TRA Taichung Station, and extends all the way to the Green and Yanagawa Waterways. Disney, which is loved by people all around the world, was invited to exhibit their lanterns at the event. Hopefully, the Christmas event will allow people that come to visit Taichung to experience the most international-level Christmas Lantern Festival.

Mayor Lu pointed out that today’s trials were very successful, and the lanterns will be officially illuminated on December 6th as everyone can welcome the New Year, Lunar New Year, and the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival together. She also reminded everyone to make early arrangements for food and accommodation as Taichung will be lots of fun.

The Information Bureau pointed out that the Plaza’s theme uses the super cute and adorable Disney "TSUM TSUM" series. There is also a 14-meter-high "TSUM TSUM Christmas Tree," a large gingerbread house installation, and large hot air balloons. The Green Waterway landscape section (Chenggong Road - Taiwan Boulevard - Zhongshan Road) has a total of 10 Mickey, Minnie, Winnie-the-Pooh and friends modeled lanterns. The Yanagawa Waterway landscape section (Taiwan Boulevard - Minquan Road) has 6 Disney princess lanterns and 13 modeled lanterns to make Taichung very dreamy.

Every Thursday to Sunday from 6 to 9 PM during the event, there will be a wonderful light show at the TRA Taichung Station Plaza. There will be a 4-minute light show every 30 minutes. During the evening on weekends, local groups in Taichung will also perform classic Disney music at the Plaza.

This year, the Information Bureau, the Water Resources Bureau, the Cultural Bureau and the Construction Bureau have jointly expanded this year’s Christmas Lantern Festival. The venue has expanded from TRA Taichung Station to the Green and Yanagawa Waterways. All of Taiwan is invited to come to Taichung to celebrate Christmas, learn about the elevated railways in Taichung, witness the achievements of the Green and Yanagaway Waterways, and invigorate the development of Central Taiwan.

The Disney Christmas Lanterns will be illuminated from December 6th until January 1st of next year. The Event’s information can be obtained or found on the official Taiwan Disney FB Fan Page (, and the Taichung City Government Happy Taichung Fan Page (


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