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Catching Exclusive Regional Pokémon in Taichung! Since 2/6

Posted Date : 2020-02-11 1080

Catch Pokémon Typically Available in Africa and Americas at the Whole Taichung City!

Pokémon GO Safari in Taichung is coming up! After taking over the office, the Mayor of Taichung City, Lu Shiow-Yen, has been promoting the E-sports industry with great efforts. To celebrate the opening of main exhibition area of the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival on February 8th, Mayor Lu and her cabinet jointly set up the theme PokéStop of the Festival in Taichung of the popular game, “Pokémon GO” between February 6th and 9th. 

The likelihood of meeting Pokémon with “illuminate” will be raised. Huang Guo-wei, Commissioner of Taichung City Government's Information Bureau, said that this event will take place in the whole Taichung City and Illumise, the exclusive regional Pokémon that can only be originally caught in North America, South America, and Africa is coming to Taichung. Trainers shall not miss this opportunity to catch it.

Commissioner Huang said Mayor Lu works actively to build Taichung into a “cool city” by introducing cool sports and industries. The E-sports industry is under one of her priorities. This time, the Bureau works with NIANTIC to launch the Pokémon GO Safari event for four days since February 6th crossing the main exhibition area of the Taiwan Lantern Festival. It is also on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, so trainers around the globe are invited to come to Taichung for lantern exhibition and Pokémon catching.

Commissioner Huang pointed out that the sheep-like Pokémon, Mareep, the one with lightning-like markings, Electrike, and the bug-type one, Illumise that can draw geometric patterns in the sky are coming to Taichung. Among them, Illumise is originally exclusive to North America, South America, and Africa. Additionally, Unknown (L) and Chimecho, the Psychic-type Pokémon, also come to join the Taiwan Lantern Festival. All trainers shall come to take a part.

According to Commissioner Huang, this “Pokémon GO Safari” event spreads around the whole Taichung City. Global trainers are invited to the Festival and to enjoy all amazing things in Taichung. Located in the central Taiwan on the west coast, Taichung has convenient traffic network, destinations and historical sites with diverse cultural features, gourmet foods, and popular night markets. The global consumers’ favorite Pearl Milk Tea originates from Taichung.

Furthermore, due to the continuous global spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia(NCP), Taichung is now under tight control. There have been no community-acquired cases reported. Trainers are reminded of the control measures o for the NCP. If anyone who does not feel well, is coughing, or has a fever, he/she shall wear a mask. This event is expected to attract trainers around the world and all trainers are reminded of traffic safety. Do not drive and play the game at the same time for the sake of safety.

The Bureau said the side exhibition area in Wenxin Forest Park was opened on December 21st last year and the main exhibition area in Flora Expo Park began to welcome its visitors from February 8th. The Exhibition will be held until February 23rd for a duration of 65 days, making it the longest and widest in terms of land occupation lantern festival. Friends of all ages from the world are welcome to Taichung to celebrate this lantern holiday!



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