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“Panoramic Taichung Lumen Area” in the Taiwan Lantern Festival

Posted Date : 2020-02-11 1295

The 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will open grandly. The Taichung City Government's Information Bureau jumped out of the box by inviting the light sculpture team, Hexogon Solution, from Singapore that set up Guinness World Records title to build “Panoramic Taichung Lumen Area” that uses the 360-degree panoramic effect in the Blossom Pavilion reflecting the large-scale installation artwork, “Tree of Life” presenting the wonder of life.

 To respond to the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia(NCP) and maintain good exhibition quality, viewers are requested to wear a mask. Alcohol hand sterilizer will also be provided for viewers at the entrance.

The Bureau today (the 4th) organized the preview conference of press conference of“Ring- Taichung Lumen Area” in Blossom Pavilion of Houli Horse Farm of the Taiwan Lantern Festival while on the side, alcohol hand sterilizer was provided. Attendees were also reminded of wearing a mask. The press conference was hosted by the Commissioner of the Bureau, Huang Guo-wei and introduction to the Area was also given by the Creative CEO, Huang Ching-Yi, and General Manager, Tian En-Pei, from Hexogon Solution.

Commissioner Huang said nearly 30 projects with high lumens present the nine-meter high effect that covers almost 1,000 square meters. The theme design o fthe “Panoramic Taichung Tetralogy” includes “the Forest of Taiwan Cherry,” “Blessing Light Corridor,” “Mountain and Sea Towns in Memories” and “Bright Taichung” showing the audience Taichung’s history, culture, environmental change.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the light sculpture show, mixed media including laser, aroma, and installation arts are also incorporated to present Taichung’s cultures and features via “large-scale projection,” “interactive technology,” and “lighting and sound effect” to satisfy the visual and smell sensation of the audition and to create rich viewers’ experience.

The Creative CEO of Hexogon Solution, Huang Ching-Yi pointed out the biggest challenge this time is to visualize “lighting” and “aesthetic” together. Additionally, the 3D simulation of large-area projection and calculation of reflection are quite time-consuming for the team.

In order to increase interaction and fun in the area, the team especially set up the “the Secret Scene of Aurora” where with fantastic laser star light, a wonderful journey is going to begin. The “Space of Serenity” before the exit is created with laser lines to surround visitors under the curtain of lighting for the relaxing effect.

Additionally, there is also the “Interactive Space” designed to catch the movement of the audience on the wall. With the silhouette and lighting, walking becomes more fun and interesting. This area will be exhibited between February 8 and 23 from 14:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 22:00 on holidays.

Commissioner Huang also reminded that the area is a close space and in order to respond to the NCP and maintain good exhibition quality, no food and drink is allowed. Each session is about 20 minutes and the maximum number of viewers is 500 per session. Please wear a mask when entering this area. For better disease prevention and control, staff will provide alcohol hand sterilizers for visitors at the entrance while visitors will also be reminded of wearing a mask.


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